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In 2015 Josephine Spann-Myers became frustrated with the latch hook and the latch hook crochet needle, causing many steps to crochet or weave your natural hair. She came up with a new idea, rethinking the latch hook and the latch hook needle, turning convention on its head, to find out how we can make a change. We should see beyond existing technology and ask, “Is there a better way?  

Like everyone we get frustrated by using tools that don’t work as smoothly as possible, as an entrepreneur Inventor, we like to improve the tools we used often. Her goal was to come up with an amazing flexible, easy to bend tool.  Jo’zee’d Two Way Plastic Needle, the 2-N- 1 tool to crochet and weave the natural hair.

We know when it comes down to our natural hair, we share your passion for creative expressions and the love for you to look and feel great about your crochet hair. We choose to create a product with you in mind to style your hair quickly and effortlessly with the new and unique Jo’zee’d Two Way Plastic Needle, the 2 -N- 1 creative tool to crochet and weave your hair. Our Vision is to achieve a goal in styling your hair in less time.